Jordi Ruiz Cirera: Los Menonos
Jordi Ruiz Cirera: Los Menonos
Jordi Ruiz Cirera: Los Menonos
Jordi Ruiz Cirera: Los Menonos
Jordi Ruiz Cirera: Los Menonos

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Jordi Ruiz Cirera: Los Menonos

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Comprising of images taken between 2010 and 2011 in the Mennonite colonies of Santa Cruz, in Eastern BoliviaLos Menonos presents a portrait of a community of self-styled, self-willed outsiders that have voyaged out into the wilderness of a foreign land to escape that which may yet prove to be inescapable: the inexorable encroachment of global capitalism and its implicit disdain for those that do not partake of its market-driven values. Jordi Ruiz Cirera’s sometimes stark, sometimes luminous, images convey all the stillness and austerity of the Bolivian Mennonites who – in a perhaps surprising act of faith - put their trust in him. He has more than repaid that trust and, out of such stark simplicity, created a rich and evocative portrait of a self-contained people and their singular way of life.

Ruiz Cirera's images have a sense of quiet yet powerful intimacy with a consistency of vision, both formal and atmospheric, that suggest a photographer already possessed of a singular style. Within the pages of Los Menonos one senses an enclosed community slowly opening up to the photographer’s persuasive presence. He captures children fast asleep on a bare wooden floor, a woman and girl running hand in hand along a dusty road, men and women working the arid, dusty land with little recourse to modern machinery and gatherings of people, both public and domestic. Out of all this emerges a sense of the slow rhythm of life in a place where the distractions and discontents of the contemporary world are held at bay by an adherence to a faith that holds fast to simplicity, hard work, communality and the need to keep at a distance all the myriad temptations of that distracting, discontented world.

First Edition

750 copies
104 pages, 57 colour plates
Foreword by Sean O'Hagan
29.3 cm x 21.0 cm
Hot foil embossed clothbound hardcover with tip-on print
Offset printing
Éditions du LIC 2014
ISBN 978-82-93341-07-9